Author Interviews

A Conversation with Ivan Brunetti

Ivan Brunetti discusses An Anthology of Graphic Fiction, Cartoons, and True Stories forthcoming from Yale this Fall.

It’s a Jungle Up There

For tropical ecologist Meg Lowman, Rock-a-bye, baby, in the treetop, was much more than a lullaby. It was life. As a single mother drawn to the mysteries of tropical rain forests and fascinated by life in the treetops, Meg Lowman has pursued a life of scientific exploration while raising her

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Thomas Eakins Explained: An Interview with Sidney Kirkpatrick

Thomas Eakins was misunderstood in life, his brilliant work earned little acclaim, and hidden demons tortured and drove him. Yet the portraits he painted more than a century ago captivate us today, and he is now widely acclaimed as the finest portrait painter our nation has ever produced. This book

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