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Leila Ahmed on the History of the Veil

Leila Ahmed is best known as the first professor of women’s studies at Harvard Divinity School. In 1992, Yale University Press published her seminal book, Women and Gender in Islam, establishing the discourse for contemporary gender analysis in the historical and social contexts of Islam. Her latest book, A Quiet

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Harold Bloom’s Brave Appreciation of the King James Bible

There is no doubt that Harold Bloom is a brave man. Indeed, only a brave man can acknowledge in his most recent book that “disputes concerning the Bible have been murderous,” and then declare in an interview for the San Francisco Chronicle published a few months later that, “There is

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October Theme: Religion

Yale University Press is known for its extensive publications on Religious Studies. On one side of our list, there is the prestigious Anchor Yale Bible Series, but every season, there is a wealth of new titles that engage our spiritual and existential minds: whether dealing directly with divinity and scripture,

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Why Evil Became Glamorous: Terry Eagleton’s On Evil

Google famously used “Don’t be evil” as their (informal) corporate slogan during the last decade. Recently though, the company has faced more and more accusations that it mimics any other giant, greedy corporation, from its making privacy difficult on Google+ to preventing customers from using competitive operating systems. Whether or

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How Love Replaced God

If you Google the phrase “movies with the word ‘love’ in the title,” you could spend an amazingly long time reading list after list of endless films. Hollywood knows that the word “love” is like pouring gasoline on your marketing campaign’s fire—it could go very badly, but it is going

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