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Finding the Medieval in Pop Culture

Michael Alexander— The rise of the visual media, film, television, video, DVD and other forms of electronic transfer, has transformed the mediation of the stories which human beings need, stories previously transmitted through the spoken, the written and the printed word, or by words spoken in live theaters. The visual

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Movie Murderers wearing Checks and Plaids, From the Author of Dressing Dangerously

Our recently-published book Dressing Dangerously, by Jonathan Faiers, is the first book to examine film costume beyond gender studies, beyond star/designer alliance. By focusing on “dysfunctional” representations of dress (think Marlene Dietrich’s blood-stained Dior dress in Hitchcock’s Stage Fright), Jonathan shows another dimension to the emotional bond between viewer and

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Sneak a Peek at THE EROTIC DOLL: A Modern Fetish

Follow @yaleARTbooks Marquard Smith is research leader and head of doctoral studies in the School of Humanities, The Royal College of Art, London, and editor-in-chief of the Journal of Visual Culture. In February 2014, we will publish a new book by Marquard, entitled The Erotic Doll: A Modern Fetish.  This

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