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Finding the Future of Environmentalism in its Past

Benjamin Heber Johnson— Most environmental protections are predicated on the use of state power. When Americans feared that a species would soon be pushed over the brink of extinction, they passed laws forbidding or limiting hunting it; when they valued an area for the serene majesty of its old-growth timber,

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Why Israel’s Population Matters

Alon Tal— Some fifty years ago, environmentalists began to speak out about the grave environmental impacts of an exponentially growing population. These concerns resonated with large elements of the public, even as the implications flew in the face of some axiomatic assumptions about modern, Western society. Growing populations are associated

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The Power of Biophony

Bernie Krause— Nearly half a century ago I was drawn to the recording of wild soundscapes because they connected me to the natural world in ways that imparted a sense of comfort along with a feeling of physical and spiritual empowerment. In those moments, sitting quietly listening to the dawn

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Echoes from a Soundscape Ecologist

Bernie Krause— Nearly twenty years ago, while exploring links between natural soundscapes and music, my dear late father-in-law introduced me to the writings of Paul Shepard. The book, The Others: How Animals Made Us Human, contained a chapter titled “The Gift of Music.” One particular line in that section stood

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The Carbon Crunch: Why What We’re Doing Isn’t Enough

Dieter Helm’s The Carbon Crunch takes a look at the world’s failure to adequately address climate change and proposes pragmatic, much-needed solutions. The following excerpt is from the preface to the revised and updated edition. The underlying position continues to deteriorate. In 2012, another 2 parts per million (ppm) of

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What Has Santa Got to Do With Climate Change?

Jessica Barnes and Michael Dove— An August 2012 edition of The New Yorker magazine adopted an unseasonal topic for its front cover: Santa Claus. In the illustration, Santa is slumped on the ground against a striped pole, cheeks flushed, under the yellow orb of a bright sun. In place of

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Make Natural Capital the Heart of Earth Day

Dieter Helm— Earth Day is one of those great occasions when lots of people with goodwill and concern vent their frustrations at the destruction of our natural environment. They are right to do so, but they are wrong to expect much to happen. It is mostly a dialogue between like-minded

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YUP June Green Tip: Sustainability in the Office

Follow @yaleSCIbooks This June the Yale Press Green Team welcomed a new group of talented summer interns with an introduction to recycling at Yale. Reaching out to new office-mates is a great way to maintain an office culture of sustainability. Many of the tips we shared with our interns could

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YUP April Green Tip: Celebrate Book Swap Month!

Follow @yaleSCIbooks April’s known for its spring showers, but April is also book swap month!  Our 4th annual Book Swap took place here at YUP during the week of April 21st– 25th. We invite all of you to celebrate in spirit with us–wherever you are–and participate in a book swap in your area. This

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YUP March Green Tip: Take this Month’s Sustainability Challenge!

Did you know March is Trash Month here at Yale? Read about the life cycle of your garbage and take this month’s Sustainability Challenge by visiting the Yale Sustainability website.

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