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How Well Did Jesus Know His Bible?

Michael Satlow— Imagine Jesus as a boy. Growing up with his brothers and sisters in a Jewish home in the sleepy town of Nazareth, in lower Galilee, he almost certainly would have been circumcised, followed Jewish dietary rules (kashrut), and observed the Jewish Sabbath and festivals. He would have grown

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Susan Garrett on angels, both ordinary and otherwise

Angels (we have heard on high) are a perennial favorite holiday subject, and during the rather gloomy Christmas season of 2008, divine intervention was more than welcome. Even the Economist looked to seraphim to brighten their Christmas issue cover. In her new book, No Ordinary Angel, Yale Press author Dr.

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In Memoriam: Jaroslav Pelikan

“What you have received as an inheritance from your fathers, you must possess again in order to make it your own.” – Jaroslav Pelikan’s motto, from Goethe’s Faust Jaroslav Jan Pelikan, Sterling Professor of History Emeritus at Yale University and one of the foremost scholars on the history of Christianity,

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